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About GreFA

Green Foster Action believes in action result-based approaches for climate action and environment conservation.

Green Foster Action Uganda (GreFA) is a youth-led non-profit organization legally registered in Uganda. Founded in 2022, GreFA is inspired by young people and grass root communities that stand up collectively to protect the environment and their rights. GreFA works with social movements and grass-root organizations in exposing authorities that hold power and corporations that oppress communities that face climate change impacts, water scarcity, energy deficiency, poverty, and insufficient food production, leaving people vulnerable and unable to meet their basic needs. GreFA advocates for accountability, equity, and justice.

Our Vision

GreFA envisions a community free from threats of climate change and embracing sustainable environmental practices for a decent livelihood.

Our Mission

GreFA’s mission is to engage communities in creative approaches of climate change advocacy, research and related processes.

Our Values


We are trustworthy, we practice transparency & accountability

Team Work

We work together to harness each other’s strength


Our creativity generates practical solutions to community needs


We respect everyone’s rights and ideas


We persevere for the greater good


We are inclusive and collaborative for meaningful impact

Why now?

The political and environmental contexts that have changed in the past years have been the foundation upon which the design of our Strategic Plan was developed. GreFA has built a presence at country and regional levels ever since it was founded in 2022. We strongly believe that the voice of Civil Society Organisations(CSOs) now has a far broader reach than in the past years.

Civil Society Organisations are facing constraints to action due to regressive forces from climate change-denying regimes. They face threats, violence, unlawful arrests, or even death. A further challenge is declining donor support for advocacy work as development aid shifts ever more toward Humanitarian Assistance and Trade-Focused Economic Growth Media use of the descriptions ‘emergency’ or ‘crisis’ when referring to climate change or biodiversity loss is a strong indicator of changing attitudes and narratives which need to be addressed.

Our Core Team

Mr. Simon Bayingana

Team Lead

Mr. Bayingana is a youth climate activist, community organizer and human rights defender. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Statistics at the University of Kisubi, Certificate in community organizing and advocacy. He attended COP27 and he is a member of the Oil Watch General Assembly.

Ms Bridget Nabwire

Finance and Aministration

Ms. Nabwire holds a Bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community Education from Kyambogo University, along with a Certificate in Sign Language Translation. She is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management from Uganda Technology and Management University.
She possesses a diverse range of expertise spanning Administration, Psychology, Sign Language Translation, Advocacy, and Project Planning and Management
Ms. Nabwire is a climate activist, Human Rights Defender, Women’s Rights activist, and serves as an Adult Educator. Through her work, she aims to create positive change and empower individuals to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable society.

Mr. Twinomugisa Pius

Programs and Communication

Mr. Twinomugisa is an experienced youths organizer, a freelance journalist with an extensive focus on resistance and a filmmaker. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Social Sciences majoring in Political Science from Kyambogo University.

Mr. Twinomugisa believes that amplifying voices, advocating a sustainable future for generations to come, and fostering a more equitable world should be everyone’s deliberate responsibility.

Our Board of Directors


Mr. Ronald Wanda

Mr. Wanda is a Climate Activist, Lawyer and Human Rights Defender. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Makerere and a Diploma in Legal Practice from Law development center. He is a member of Uganda law Society and East Africa Law Society.
Vice Chairperson

Ms. Martha Amviko

Miss Amviko is a Youth Climate Activist and humanitarian. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Kyambogo University. She works with justice movement Uganda as the head of women Affairs.

Mr. Herbert Mugisha

Mr. Mugisha is a Bachelor's degree in Laws from Kampala International University, he is currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in Legal Practice at the Law Development Centre. His writings reflect his commitment to inspiring and motivating others towards a harmonious coexistence with the environment and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Mr. Brian Atuheire

Mr, Atuheire has eight years’ experience in biodiversity conservation and climate change decision making. His experience includes reducing human-wildlife conflicts, illegal wildlife trade through advocacy, and improving the livelihoods of those that live adjacent to Ugandan National Parks and Reserves.

Ms. Polyne Nabwire

Miss Nabwire is a degree holder in Records and Archives management from Makerere University. She is highly skilled in project management, planning strategic advocacy campaigns, and she is a sexual and reproductive health rights activist. She is highly committed to social development issues.