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Let Every One of us become an ambassador of Climate Change–KCCA Youth Officer

On Wednesday 10th June 2024, together with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), The Kisenyi LC 1 Chairman and Kisenyi residents, we had a general clean up excercise of the Kisenyi…
June 13, 20243 min

Preserving Animal habitats; A Call to Action for Genuine Care.

Plants provide essential habitats for most animals. Without these habitats, animals are forced to roam aimlessly, causing damage and suffering in the process. It's disheartening to see that many people…
June 5, 20242 min
Climate ActionEnvironment

Uganda’s Just Transition: A Walk through Murky Paddles

Uganda is one of the nations struggling with complexities of economic development and environmental sustainability. Amidst this landscape of challenges and opportunities, a guiding light emerges - the concept of…
April 13, 20244 min
Climate ActionEnvironment

An Easter in Heat Waves, a time to Reflect on Resurrecting our Dying Planet

On Sunday 31st March, Christians around the world will be celebrating Easter, a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our hearts are heavy as we witness our planet buried…
March 30, 20244 min
Climate ActionEnvironment

Everyone Should Join the Cause for Climate Action through Ecological Restoration

On Friday 22nd March, Green Foster Action (GreFa) went on ground within Kampala City to close the Uganda National Water and environment week with a tree planting exercise. Together with…
March 27, 20243 min
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Uganda Water and Environment Week: The right time to Re-think Development Without Depending on Fossil Fuels.

The 7th edition of the Uganda National Water and Environment Week kicked off today, 18th March 2024, at the Ministry of Water and Environment, setting the stage for critical discussions…
March 18, 20244 min
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Delayed Justice to #StopEACOP Activists is a Catalyst of deterring Our Resolve; We Can’t back down.

On 24th November last year (2023), several of our student activists identifying themselves as Students Against EACOP were brutally arrested by the Uganda police forces at the parliament premises after…
March 14, 20243 min

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Their Tremendous Contribution to Climate Justice

The invaluable contributions of women to environmental conservation and climate justice efforts cannot be overstated. As we commemorate International Women's Day, it is fitting to shine a spotlight on the…
March 8, 20244 min

Leaving out  EACOP in the NAM Summit Environment Discussion was a total Betrayal to Climate.

Uganda, the host of this marginal summit, is at it’s final stages in implementing a deadly climate project-the  East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). This project, a disaster to the…
January 25, 20244 min
EnvironmentFood for thought

To tackle climate change, we must protect human rights

We need a collective response to climate change that has justice, compassion and fairness at its heart. As we enter one of the most profound periods of social and economic…
January 16, 20245 min

Insights into COP 28: The Progress so far

The essence of COP 28 lies in addressing the urgent climate needs which are vital to climate justice globally.
December 7, 20236 min

‘Very disturbing’: crackdown on oil pipeline protests in Uganda concerns UN rights expert

Students in Kampala have been beaten and arrested for marching against a 900-mile pipeline co-owned by a French company In mid-September, four dozen university students marched through Kampala, the capital…
October 24, 20236 min

GreFA was represented at COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt with support from Oil Change International.

At the conference we were part of climate action discussions especially on End the use of fossil fuels and adoption of clean renewable energy.  COP27 identified four key areas: mitigation,…
October 10, 20231 min

Green Foster Action was part of the People’s Climate Action in September 2023 in Nairobi.

This People’s  Climate Summit was organized by campaigners, social movements, and grassroot leaders to provide an alternative space with the objective of enabling a convergence of diverse voices that had…
October 10, 20231 min
EventsPublic Lectures

Empowering Young Climate Activists: GreFa’s Strategic Meeting themed; Youth Led Climate Action.

Climate change and environmental challenges are among the most pressing issues of our time, requiring immediate and concerted action. In response, Green Foster Action (GreFa), a passionate group of young…
August 8, 20234 min

Uganda oil pipeline has ‘devastated’ livelihoods, says HRW

The pipeline, which has previously been criticised by environmental activists and rights groups, passes through multiple ecologically sensitive areas in Uganda.
July 19, 20233 min

Encouraging Solar Adoption: Exempting Import Taxes on Solar Products in Uganda

As Uganda strives to harness the power of solar energy and expand access to clean and sustainable electricity, it is essential to remove barriers that hinder the growth of the…
June 30, 20234 min

Uganda Government Should Exempt Renewable Energy Companies from Taxes

In the face of the global climate crisis, the transition to renewable energy sources is of utmost importance. However, in Uganda, the growth of renewable energy companies faces a significant…
June 30, 20234 min

Halting the East African Oil Pipeline: Protecting the Environment and Communities

The proposed East African Oil Pipeline project has stirred significant concerns among environmentalists, activists, and local communities. As plans move forward, it is crucial to recognize the potentially devastating consequences…
June 30, 20234 min

Taking a Stand: Climate Action in Africa for a Sustainable Future

In Africa, the urgent need for climate action cannot be ignored. Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and environmental degradation are threatening the livelihoods and well-being of millions of people across…
June 30, 20233 min

End Human Rights Violations in El Salvador

Stand up for justice. Urge President Nayib Bukele to end the state of exception and create human rights-focused public security policies.  What’s the problem?  In El Salvador, a state of…
June 30, 20233 min