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On Wednesday 10th June 2024, together with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), The Kisenyi LC 1 Chairman and Kisenyi residents, we had a general clean up excercise of the Kisenyi area.

Amongst the local leaders, we had Mr.Mutebi Ronald, the LC1 chairman of Kisenyi who called upon his residents to always be conscious of the environment they live in. “Let’s not wait for organisations like Green Foster Action to first come to remind us to do general cleaning of our own areas. Let us take it upon ourselves as our own responsibility.” He said.

“A clean environment helps everyone and our collective action will yield tremendous results for us. When we go back, let’s spread the message further even to those that didn’t come today.”

Lindo Afua the KCCA youths officer called upon all the attendees to do more for climate justice. “Let everyone of us become an ambassador of climate change in every place we go to. Be a living example in your locality,” she said.

I welcome the Green Foster Team and call upon them not to end here. Let’s continue with such activities allover Kampala. Let’s call upon the whole population to be on the look out for any activities that are leading to climate injustices. We’ve seen floods happen even within the city. We know that it is the rubbish that we throw in the trenches that block the water passages. Let’s be vigilant. Let’s dispose off buveera’s and plastics in the right places. Let’s not reclaim swamps. Let’s be climate conscious citizens.” She added

Together, we were able to clean up trenches around Kisenyi, sweep roads and clean around garages as well as collect all the garbage disposed around the area.

The activity also included a tree planting exercise where we planted tree on the roadside to add on our call for having a good city aeration.

We further used the opportunity to carry out sensitisation of the local people about the dangers of creating and staying in an unhealthy environment using a mobile public address system
“We as GreFa (Green Foster Action) are ready to reach evry point of Kampala in our fight against climate change. We call upon you to go forth and become good friends of the earth in your localities,” Said Bridget, our Finance and Administration officer.

“We call upon KCCA to put more efforts in sensitizing citizens about climate change. Let us fight hard to build a better future for generations to come.” She added.