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As the global community continues to take a stand on climate action. The East African Crude Oil Pipeline has continued to prove a havoc to climate activists, communities around its path and the global population. The Pipeline which is headlined by the French and Chinese multi billion corporation, Total Energies and China National Offshore Corporation (CNOOC) together with the Uganda and Tanzania governments has hard the greatest resistance from different climate activists, scoring many significant wins.

There is however more work to do. As the communities around the pipeline paths grapple with all forms of injustices, it is a good ideas to reach out to these people, listen to their cries and do everything within our power to bring the culprits to book.

Earlier this week, our team traveled to Kikuube and Hoima districts, reaching to people who have been affected by the EACOP. As expected, we listened to gross stories from the community members as they narrated the injustices they have faced from the implementation of the EACOP.

One individual Oyewnga Innocent, narrated to us how the pipeline had been dug two meters into his compound, making it hard for him to cross over to his garden. He had toinstall a ladder to climb to his home and garden.

The residents expressed how it is very hard to be around the pipeline path due to the deafening noise that comes from the machines used for constructing it. They claimed how one woman had got mental desorder from the defeaning noise.

“The water sources were affected, we were promised a borehole of which we can’t manage the maintenance cost. The crops have been affected by the pipeline, as dangerous chemicals are being poured out during the construction. This has adversely affected agriculture, which is our only source of income,” said Rachel, one of the residents from Kikuube district.

Many other residents narrated how they had got many threats from different government officials whenever they tried voicing their concerns telling them that they can’t stop the project.

“We were made to sign empty assessment forms,” said Sabiti Racismas, anothe resident. Who further said that he only knew of two people who had been compensated yet it was also an under-compesation. “The money given wasn’t equivalent to the land they took from us. We were promised more compesation but have never received any further communication.” He said.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) stands as a betrayal to climate justice and just transition. The environmental and social impacts of this project have already directly affected the people negatively yet the aftermath effects will be beyond control. As we continue to unite with the global community in continueing to call on the funders of such an oppressive project, we stand in solidarity with all activists and communities affected by this pipeline project and vow to continue advocating and devising all possible ways of halting this and more of such projects.