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On Friday 22nd March, Green Foster Action (GreFa) went on ground within Kampala City to close the Uganda National Water and environment week with a tree planting exercise. Together with officials from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and community members, the GreFa team was able to plant over 20 saplings along Gaddaffi road where GreFa pledged to work with community members to make sure that the saplings were looked after until they grew into healthy trees.

The GreFa team later carried out sensitization amongst the community members, calling upon them to spread the message further and voluntarily become climate activists wherever they are.

“The effects of climate change affect everyone of us. We don’t need to first wait for anyone to tell us to do something. We need to voluntarily join the cause and call out any form of climate injustices as well as play our part in restoring it,” said Mr. Herman, one of GreFa’s climate activists who led the exercise.

“We thank KCCA together with the LC 1 Chairman who granted us permission to carry out this activity and were also able to participate in the exercise,” he said. “We also thank GreFa for all the financial support that enabled this exercise to happen.”

Miss Bridget, one of GreFa’s core members was able to attend the exercise in person and got an opportunity to speak to the members.

“I thank everyone of you for coming to participate in this important exercise. Your coming means that you care about climate and the earth’s future generations. We must create a good environment for us and the future generation and we have to put in a lot if we are to see results,” said Miss Bridget.

“We have planted these saplings but there is more work if we have to see them grow. We need to keep watering them and looking after them so that they don’t get damaged a long the way, and this is possible if we all take on this with love for our planet Earth.” She advised.

Miss Bridget also advised the community members to always burn the buveera’s that were littered in many places because they are harmful to the environment.

The session ended with the chairman of the area thanking everyone who participated in the excercise. He pledged to continue the work of growing the trees and commended the amazing work done, thanking GreFa for coming up with such important initiatives. He said that he will always welcome any activity that is geared towards climate restoration as well as any exercise geared towards improving the livelihoods of the people he leads.

The 7th edition of the Uganda Water and Environment week that had started on Monday 18th March saw many discussions around climate on various national media channels as well as social media geared towards climate restoration. As the country continues to experience unprecedented heat waves, it is the right time to sensitize communities about the dangers of environment degradation and educate them on the need to restore the climate for future generations.