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Stand up for justice. Urge President Nayib Bukele to end the state of exception and create human rights-focused public security policies. 

What’s the problem? 

In El Salvador, a state of exception declared in 2022 by President Nayib Bukele is causing a human rights crisis. This measure allegedly enacted to counter gang violence, has suspended basic rights, leading to over 60,000 people being unjustly detained without due process. Harassment and stigmatization have become the norm for human rights defenders and journalists who dare to speak out against these injustices. 

These measures have had grave consequences, with at least 150 people dying in state custody, and cases of torture, even against children, documented by Amnesty International. The right to free speech and press is also seriously under threat, with journalists leaving the country or self-censoring their voices. 

While these measures are purported to combat gang violence, they do not address the structural causes behind this issue, instead leading to widespread incarceration without addressing root causes. 

Your signature can make a difference. President Nayib Bukele needs to know that the world is gravely concerned and does not support nor endorse measures that violate human rights. Therefore, we’re calling upon him to end the state of exception and work towards comprehensive public security policies that uphold human rights in El Salvador.

What can you do to help?

Sign the petition today. Your voice can bring change to El Salvador and protect its citizens’ basic human rights. 

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